Form E 301 / U1

Since 1 May 2010 the new form U1, which replaced the original form E 301, has been valid.

Form U1 is confirmation of the periods which should be considered for acknowledgement of unemployment benefits. Form U1 is prepared by the office of the state in which you worked.

What is form U1 used for?

Form U1 thus serves as proof regarding the periods during which you worked abroad and paid for unemployment insurance.

How to request form U1?

You can get form U1 in several ways:

  1. Use the services of TJ-Legal. Register and we will send you further instructions by postal mail or e-mail, along with the documents necessary for obtaining form U1. We will obtain form U1 for you after receipt of the signed documents. We will deliver form U1 to you by postal mail at your address. The standard time period for obtaining form U1 is from two to three months.
  2. You may request in writing the preparation of form U1 directly with the relevant office in the country where you worked.
  3. You may also ask a worker from the Job Centre in the country in which you are applying for unemployment benefit about the issuing of form U1 from a foreign office.


You may also ask a worker from the Job Centre about the requesting of form U1. Obtaining form U1 can take longer, however. TJ-Legal can obtain your form U1 within two to three months.